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5 Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Became More Successful After Divorcing Their Husbands (With Pictures)

5 Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Became More Successful After Divorcing Their Husbands (With Pictures)


The successful life of Toyin Abraham, after her divorce from Adeniyi Johnson, is not a surprise to people as she has been known for exploits. She’s been known to be a hard working Yoruba Actress, a producer, and a business tycoon.

Toyin Abraham met Adeniyi Johnson 2012 on set of one of her movies, they took interest in each other and ended up marrying each other a year after.

It was a blissful marriage and every thing looked perfect. But the truth was that things were not as perfect as they seem. Not long after, the marriage began to show some cracks and it became unbearable and within a year and six months into their marriage, they were already singing a song of divorce.

There were lots of controversies over the reasons of the broken marriage of Toyin and Adeniyi. It was alleged that Toyin accused Adeniyi of cheating and temporarily left him, she came back after a few months claiming everything was back to normal, with pictures of them together on social media, just to have him cheat once more and was caught in the act by Toyin which lead to the final separation.

Others claim that the age and status difference was at fault here as Toyin is older and more advanced in the industry.

Toyin fought the trauma that came with her divorce and then changed her identity from Toyin Aimakhu to Toyin Abraham. She described it as a personal decision that she had the blessings of her family.


I Give You 48Hrs' - Actress Mercy Aigbe Threatens To Dump Lover And Declare Herself Single If He Fails To Do This

The fear of the unknown in marriages scares away lots of singles from settling down and building a family life. Popular screen goddess, Mercy Aigbe who has earned her name from her talented display on screen is listed among the celebrities who did not let their broken marriages ruin their careers.  The 7 year old marriage of Mercy and Lagos-based hotelier, Lanre Gentry allegedly broke down over domestic violence allegations.

Mercy Aigbe’s first marriage did not work out well. She had issues with her mother-in-law, she made it known that her mother-in-law did not want her son to marry from another tribe. Mercy was young and naïve, she moved on with her life and career and fell in love again with Mr Lanre Gentry an Hotelier.


The actress called it quits after another case of violent assault by her husband who accused her of having extra-marital affairs. Mercy made an Instagram post advising women to “say no to domestic violence” and Lanre Gentry’s replied also with a post on his own page saying, “Say no to promiscuous and irresponsible woman”. This showed a strong bridge of disagreement between the two of them.

But the beautiful thing is that the actress has refused to stay low, she has refused to let her broken home be a barrier to her life and career. She is living her life like nothing has happened. Recently, she  produced movies and  featured in others, like Nigerian Trade, Heaven on my mind, Lagos Real Fake Life, That which Binds us, 200 Millions, just to mention a few.

3. Tonto Dikeh

Why relationships don't interest me anymore ― Tonto Dike

Tonto Dikeh is a famous Nigerian actress, singer and  philanthropist, who got married 2015 to Olakunle Churchill whom she met at a nightclub in Lagos. The marriage was blessed with a baby boy in February 2016, who she and her husband named King Andre Omodayo Churchill.

Tonto Dikeh’s marriage was problematic and complicated, she and her husband were completely different people and their happiness did not last long. The marriage collapsed based on domestic violence and infidelity. At first, Tonto Dikeh was silent about her marriage and was keeping her divorce process private, but on Women’s Day in 2017, she finally spoke about her unfortunate union sincerely.

She made a confession that her husband was an abusive husband who caused her physical and emotional pains. These and many more reasons made Tonto Dikeh back off the marriage.

Tonto Dikeh, despite her controversial status is one celebrity with a good heart. She is known to be one of the most benevolent celebrities as she is quick to help the needy. She touches lives through her NGO “Tonto Dikeh Foundation”.

Tonto went through plastic surgery, but because she like how her body looked after the successful surgery, Tonto expressed her joy and satisfaction in her new look, ready to conquer the world with a new found confidence.


The renowned actress and social media influencer has bagged some awards celebrating her humanitarian deeds such as the Creative Faith Academy Award ‘Philanthropist of the year’, the Niger-Delta Peace Ambassador Initiative ‘Peace Ambassador Award’, amongst others. She became born again in 2018 and has since held strong to her faith and has also inspired others to follow suit.

She recently launched her hair collection named King Tonto Collection in collaboration with Glee and this wonder woman is scaling higher heights unstoppably.


Why I chose to welcome my baby via surrogacy - Ini Edo

The Nollywood actress, Ini Edo got married to an American-based Nigerian businessman, Phillip in 2008. She walked out of the marriage in September, 2014, making it 6 years of romance.

Endurance and breakup followed accusations of domestic violence and cheating. The fact that Phillip is not based in Nigeria made this union inconvenient for the actress as she had to travel to another country to see her husband. Apart from the distance between them, there were records of infidelity and domestic violence.

The union did not turn out to be a lasting one. The situation taught Ini Edo a good lesson, she became stronger and experienced much pleasant moment that made her more matured and prepared for a different life situation. She is now focusing on building her career and living a happier life. Interestingly, in 2016, she was appointed Special Adviser on Tourism to Akwa Ibom State governor, Emmanuel Udoh.

With her new role, the actress has not been visible on the big screen in recent times as she now spends ample time in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, her home state.

5. Chika Ike

Chika Ike, actress, author: My father rejected me from birth

Award winning Nollywood screen diva, Chika Ike, is one of many Nigerian women who have managed to stand out despite growing up facing rejection from her father and family. The actress and philanthropist have faced challenges headlong and have come out with her head held high with notable achievements to boast of.


She however wasn’t lucky martially, as her marriage with Tony Ebireri lasted for only few months before it hit the rocks. She got divorced on the grounds of infidelity and domestic violence in 2013.

Ever since, the 33 year old movie producer has made remarkable achievements and impacted Nigerians. From starting up a reality TV show, African Diva Reality Show which is in its 3rd edition, to writing a book, “Boss Up”, to graduating from Harvard Business School, the actress seems resilient and unstoppable at achieving success and leaving an impact in the sand of time.

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Eniola Ajao: How I Met Adekola, He’s a disciplined Man i had to be going to Abeokuta to get His Attention

The relationship between my boss and I, Odunlade, is that of a boss and subordinate. I’ve known him for like over 10 years now. I’ve been in the industry for the past 16 years. I was somewhere before I went to school and came back to the industry.

What are the challenges of being a movie producer?

It has not been easy. Let me say capital wise you know you have to source for money, source for people who will help you handle the jobs because you cannot do it alone. I will just say I am at the right place and in a good hand. Whenever I want to produce my job, my boss always gives me time which is always okay for me because I know he brings out the best out of the job. Basically, I’m not always in a rush to do anything. I’m just privileged to be under somebody that is helping me out.

What is your first movie as a producer?

Daramola, that was my first production,

What was the challenge and experience?

The experience was not good because it was my first-trying to source for money, trying to think of the character, thinking of how to pay the people on set, and their welfare. As a producer, all the casts and crew members are on your neck. So you just have to look out for their well-being.


Were your parents in support of you being an actress?

No. Actually, my dad wanted me to be an accountant. So he was against it before he died. And I promised him that I was going to finish my education, do whatever he wanted want me to do but at the same time I love acting. Acting is always what I’ve always wanted to do even when I was in secondary school. It has always been there. So, when I graduated I went into acting.

How did you get to meet him?

I met him in 2009 when I went to a location I think with the late Moji Olaiya. I saw him and I went to him. I told him I was a big fan and that I will like to join him. He then said he does not have a caucus in Lagos that his school is in Abeokuta. That was how it all started.

Did you go living in Abeokuta then?

No. I usually go for rehearsals every Wednesday. And I may come back that day if it’s not late or next.

Is that why you appear more in his movies?


Maybe I should say I make myself available for his movies. He will not call you to say he has a role for you. He is a very disciplined man. So whenever I hear that there’s location in Abeokuta, I would pick my bag go there immediately.

So you have an automatic slot with him?

Because I am under him. Definitely everyone has a slot so far you make yourself available.

So what has been your experience, I mean, with male folks, male fans, I see a lot of comments on your Instagram page.

It’s not been easy. Some will call you a snob because most of them do not understand you. I’m not really an outgoing person so whenever they meet me, we just greet and move from there. Most want to create a relationship which I am not ready for.

Is that why they say you’re a snub? Don’t you want to make friends?

Not that I don’t want to make friends. It’s just my nature and at the same time, they don’t understand. Okay, you want to take a picture with me and you want to hold me and we are outside. I mean it’s not okay at all.


How do you reply your male admirers without knocking them off?

I don’t always know what to say and I don’t want to be rude. So it’s better to ignore.

But what about the male folks in the industry, those who admire and love you? How do manage them, mixing emotions with profession

It depends on how you relate with them. I’ve people who have asked me out in the industry and I turned them down. You hear people say that in the industry they sleep with one another. But it’s what you want. Nobody can force you to do anything in this life. It takes two to tango. So anybody that’s harassed put herself in that position.

Have you been harassed sexually on a movie set, like no sex no role?

Never! At what age?

How do you manage your fellow ladies- the betrayal, the gossip?


That’s a good question. I am more of an introvert, I don’t really go out. So most times, I have, you know, lovely people around me like my siblings. And most times, I don’t associate more with my mates. I associate with people who are older than I am. They tell me things and put me through about life, so you won’t see me where they are gossiping. I can’t control what people say about me but I can control their perception of me. Anybody that gossips about me it’s their choice, but you won’t see me gossiping about people because I won’t put myself in that situation. So you don’t just say anything about me. That doesn’t mean I don’t go to party.

You just came back from traveling from Ibadan and tomorrow you’re going on a movie set, Wednesday in Abeokuta, how do you balance this with the family life?

Well, my people understand the kind of job I do and they understand me.

Are you married?

No, but soon.

The relationship between my boss and I, Odunlade, is that of a boss and subordinate. I’ve known him for like over 10 years now

How do you find time to relax with your busy schedules, movie location and everything?


Most times I take two days off or a week and travel out of the country.

What else do you do aside from acting?

There are other things I will be doing in the future. I’m a business person. Let’s see how things unfold.

It is often perceived that Yoruba movies are local and English is ‘posh’ and English actors make more money than Yoruba actors.

It is because they shoot their own films in English. There’s nothing spectacular about them and they can see us as razz people. Most of their productions are low budget productions. All those ones they did in Onitsha. They don’t have storylines. We do. Yorubas believe in helping one another. Feature in mine and I will feature in yours which doesn’t happen in English Nollywood movies.

Yoruba movie industry is always based on relationships which is killing the business aspect of the industry. It’s one of the things I’m not happy about. You call me for a role and you want to pay me 200k for a role I should collect like 1million for. It’s not nice. And if I agree to do it for 200k that means I will call you to do mine for me for that amount.

So professionally the English part of the industry has the edge


They are not doing anything spectacular. We have a better story line. But we need to invest. They are investing their money in it. That is all they are doing. Absolutely, nothing else. So we need to cut our low budget productions. If you want to produce like five films in a year, reduce it to two or one, put your money together and produce that just one film and make it a standard one.

I’ve not seen any Yoruba movie in the cinema yet.

There are Yoruba movies in cinema. Yes. Some Southwest cinemas take it from us but if it’s not like 70% English and 30% Yoruba, some cinemas like Silverbird will not accept it from you.

You’re planning on working on cinema movie. Would you be producing a full length Yoruba movie?

Most definitely. I won’t want to do that because even this life, you have to mix both Yoruba and English together.

Are you a twin because people call you Ejire?

Yes, I am. I have a twin sister. We look alike but not very identical.


eniola ajao twin sister

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“I hate Love, I caught my man in bed with another woman” – Adedimeji Lateef’s wife Mo Bimpe says as she breaks into tears (Video)

I hate Love, I caught my man in bed with another woman – Adedimeji Lateef’s wife Mo Bimpe says as she breaks into tears (Video)

In a recent video, actress Oyebade Adebimpe, also known as Mo Bimpe, who is the wife of well-known Nollywood actor Adedimeji Lateef, sobs as she discusses how much she despises love.

Mo Bimpe revealed in the video she posted on her official Instagram profile last night, January 6, 2023, that she had found the love of her life having a sexual encounter with another lady.

Mo Bimpe, who is currently in the United States with her partner Lateef, claims that the lady her partner has an affair with is an intern she brought to him.

In the video, Mo Bimpe voiced her extreme resentment as she said that her lover had broken her because of her love for him and further characterized him as ungrateful and deserving of death.

However, a closer look at the video reveals that the actress is delivering a monologue for the #KAVxLaCaseraMakeItHappenAuditions competition.

See reactions that have started trailing the video of Mo Bimpe below;


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Checkout Famous Female Celebrities And Their Pregnancy Photos

2022 has been an amazing year for most female celebrities, as many of them announced the news of their pregnancies on social media.

However, most of these celebrities could his their joy, as they keep thrilling their fans and other social media users with stunning pictures of themselves stepping out with multiple pregnancy outfits, as they flaunt their baby bumps.

Rounding up the year, let’s check out some of the female celebrities who followed the trend of showing off their baby bump online this year;

• Famous American singer, Rihanna didn’t failed to inspire her fans during her pregnancy period, as she thrilled many fashion lovers with multiple pregnancy outfits, flaunting her baby bumps. Below are some of her pregnancy outfits that inspire lots of her fans.

• Another Female singer that followed this trend is Kash Doll, the rapper keeping updating her fans with multiple pictures of her self flaunting her baby bump.

• Beautiful Australian model, Shanina Shaik, didn’t allow her pregnancy to interfere with her modelling career, as she kept walking on the runway of different fashion shows, flaunting their pregnancy outfits.

She also flooded her social media page with multiple pictures of herself flaunting her baby bump.


• Another American singer that falls under this category is Jhené Aiko, as she welcomed a child with her celebrity lover, Big Sean.

During her pregnancy period, she took to her social media handler to show off her baby bump.

• American reality television personality, singer and actress, Heidi Blair Pratt is among the beautiful women that welcomed a child this year. Before her delivery, she flaunted cute pictures of herself flaunting her baby bump.

It may interest you to know that Nigerian celebrities are not left out as a good number of individuals from different sectors of the Nigerian entertainment industry showed off their baby dump on social media.

• Famous Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, didn’t stay a week without flaunting her pregnancy pictures online, as she kept her fans updated with videos and pictures of herself flaunting her pregnancy.

• Another celebrity dancer who did the same is Jemena, the popular dancer who welcomed her first child this year kept inspiring other women with her cute pregnancy photoshoots.

• Female comedian, Kiekie got lots of her fans talking when she first revealed her baby dump online.


The actress and comedian, kept flaunting her pregnancy photoshoots online, as she received lots of congratulatory messages form her fans.

• Beautiful Nollywood actress and movie producer, Actress Amarachi Igidimbah made headlines on social media when she revealed she was pregnant and expecting her first child. Below are some pregnancy pictures she flaunted.

• Nigerian actress, Seilat Adebola Adebowale, welcomed her first child this year. See lovely pictures of the actress flaunting her pictures.

• Nollywood actress, Christabel Egbenya joined the league of proud mothers this year. The beautiful actress thrilled many of her fans with pictures of her baby bump.

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