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White Money BBnaija Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography, Cars, And Houses



White Money BBnaija Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography, Cars, And Houses

If you are a fan of reality shows, then you can’t have missed the face of one of the male housemates in Nigeria’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Naija. Now, I am talking about White Money, the guy with an undeniable knack for business. Ever since White Money’s unveiling on 24 July 2021, he has been trending all over social media as fans keep seeking to know about this dude who has decided to bring his ‘A’ game to win the grand prize of 90 million NGN.


White Money BBnaija Net Worth, Biography, Cars, And Houses:

White Money BBnaija Profile

white money bbnaija
white money bbnaija

Full Name Hazel Oyeye Onou
Age 29 years old
Birthday July 6, 1992
Gender Male
State of Origin Enugu State
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Onou
Height 5”7 ft
Marital Status Single
Tribe Igbo
BBN Status Winner
Career Entrepreneur, Businessman


White Money BBNaija Early Years

White Money BBNaija Career
White Money BBNaija Career

His real name is Hazel Oyeye Onou, but he is popularly called White Money. Born on the 6th of July, 1992, white money BBNaija was born and bred in Enugu State which is his hometime. He spent many years in Enugu before he moved to Lagos to seek greener pastures. White Money BBNaija didn’t have a rosy background or upbringing. He had to sell food with his mother to make ends meet while he was young.


White Money BBNaija Career

White Money BBNaija Early Years
White Money BBNaija Early Years

White money has been dubbed by many as the typical Igbo man because of his astuteness to business. Being an all-around hustler, white money has ventured into numerous businesses just to keep food on his table and a roof over his head. In white money’s words, he said; ” I’ve done photography, fixed tiger generators, and fixed telecommunications masts; all because of the hustle and bustle”. In addition, at the height of his hustling, White money has revealed that he has worked as an okada rider.

His diverse hustling to make ends meet became limited when he ventured into the importation of designer shoes. This business decision brought a turnaround in White Money’s business career as he experienced fast sales and came in contact with big clients. Currently, he is into designer shoe importation and he has great plans to take it to the next level. White money plans to have his own shoe brand.

White money has also left footprints in the music industry. In one of his discussions with his fellow BbNaija housemates, he revealed that he has a few tracks to his name.

White Money Naija Personal Life

White Money Naija Personal Life
White Money Naija Personal Life

Business-savvy White Money Whitemoney describes himself as an open-minded “jolly good fellow” who likes to have fun. His hobbies include driving, hustling, watching movies, and making music. He has a great fashion sense, and as he said, his “swag speaks for itself”. He has a jewelry line and makes lip balm from scratch. From his looks, you can easily judge he is part of the beard gang  White Money is a sincere young man, and he is very down-to-earth and strategic.

White money can speak Yoruba, Igbo, and English fluently. In his hustling gigs in Lagos, White Money is popular in Lagos markets like Yaba and Ojuelegba.

White Money And BBnaija

White Money And BBnaija
White Money And BBnaija

White Money, being a down-to-earth yet strategic young man, has ambitious plans during his stay in the Big Brother Naija house. According to him, he plans to entertain, have fun, get exposed, and possibly win the ultimate prize.

White Money Naija Net Worth

Having won the Big Brother Naija season 6; Shine Ya Eye, White Money’s fame and smartness have travelled far and wide. His net worth is now over 90 million NGN.

In an argument with fellow housemates, White Money revealed about himself that “if you want to know my worth follow me go to my village.”  He argued that Igbo men don’t spend their money where they hustle, they rather build houses and spray money in their hometown. He cited examples of rich Igbo Big boys who followed this same trend, the likes of Obi Cubana, E-Money, Cubana Chief Priest, etc.

White Money Naija Cars

White Money Naija Cars
White Money Naija Cars

Being a guy with a strong aura as White Money describes himself, he definitely would love nice and exotic cars. Most of his pictures on Instagram have him posing in front of classic cars. He has snapped pictures with cars from famous car manufacturers like Lexus, Mercedes Benz, KIA, Hyundai, and Toyota.


White Money (Bbnaija Cars)

White Money won the latest edition of Innoson G40 from Africa’s indigenous automakers- Innoson Manufacturing Company. The G40 is for those who want to enjoy the adventurous African experience in a unique ride made by Africans for Africans. In addition. The G40 is a statement of class and luxury, befitting for smart, go-getters like White Money. Expertly designed to give the highest level of space and comfort; the G40 promises a cool and comforting ride for whoever owns and rides in it.

White Money Naija House

Courtesy of Revolution Plus and Scanfrost, White Money is now the owner of a classic 2 bedroom flat furnished with the best of home appliances. The former hustler, White Money, who used to live in Lagos is now the owner of a house, a car and whooping lots of money.

White Money Naija Social Media

White Money is active on social media, especially on his Instagram, You can follow him on @whitemoney__ with over 1.5m followers

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