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Top 6 Nollywood Actresses Who Have Never Kissed In Movies (Photos)



Top 6 Nollywood Actresses Who Have Never Kissed In Movies (Photos)

Although acting sometimes borders on fictionalism , in which an actor impersonates a character in order to advance the storyline of a story, these actresses claim that their job has a limit.

Despite the fact that films are supposed to reflect actual life by doing what people do in real life to correct wrongs and improve rights, there are a few Nollywood actresses who refuse to go over their religious sanctions no matter what. Kissing isn’t a big problem for other actresses. But that’s a great bargain for these actresses, therefore they can’t do it. The top 6 Nollywood actresses who have never kissed in a film are listed below.

1. Chioma Chukwuka


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Chioma Chukwuka is an actress and film producer from Nigeria. In 2007, she received the Africa Movie Academy Award for “Best Actress in a Leading Role,” and in 2010, she received the Afro Hollywood Award for “Best Actress in a Leading Role.” Chioma has been in a number of romantic films, although she has never been caught kissing anyone onscreen.

2. Seyi Edun

Seyi Edun

Seyi began her career in the film industry in 2009, thanks to her younger sister, who is also a scriptwriter. Seyi received her bachelor’s degree from House of Wisdom Cancus in 2009, the same year she created her first film. In an interview, she stated that she can never share a wet kiss in the film. She also stated that she would never appear n*ked in a film.


3. Ruth Kadiri

No woman should drag a man position as the head' – Ruth kadiri advise ladies


Ruth Kadiri, a beautiful Nigerian actress and producer, is a screen actress who has never kissed a fellow actor on the lips in the film industry. Ruth Kadiri has over 50 films to her credit and is known for her exceptional acting abilities in films. She has been in the industry for over 15 years.


4. Jaiyesimi Modupe

Modupe is a talented Yoruba film actress. She began acting when she was in secondary school, although she was unable to do much at the time. However, after graduating from the polytechnic, she began working for the Punch Newspapers, where she met one of the artists at the customs office, where she expressed her desire in acting, and he guided her through the process. She began acting professionally in 1990 and hasn’t looked back since. She revealed in an interview that she is unable to kiss on set and can only peck, and that she is unable to kiss any male other than her spouse.


5. Jaiye Kuti



Jaiye is a well-known Yoruba actress who is noted for her vivacious movie roles. She was born in the town of Yewa Ayetoro Egbado in the state of Ogun. She began acting since it has always been her passion since she was a child, according to her. In a 2014 interview, she remarked that having a wet kiss on the screen is impossible for her.


6. Judy Austin

She came in as an entertainer and now works as a producer in addition to acting. The actress, who has been in a number of films, explained to her fans why she does not kiss in films. She also stated that she will not be a part of any films that promote her being n*ked on set, regardless of how much money they offer her.

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