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Sons Of 3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Into The Football Industry

Sons Of 3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Into The Football Industry

There are several Nigerian Celebrities who have gained Fame and Success in the Entertainment Industry. Some of these Celebrities have given birth to children who have pursued a Career in the Entertainment Industry. In this article, we will be talking about the sons of three Nigerian Celebrities who have ventured into the Football Industry.

1. Cameron Okoye

Cameron is the first son of Nigerian Singer and Entertainer, Peter Okoye who is also known as Mr P. Although, Cameron is just 13 years old, he has ventured into the Football Industry and he is doing well in the Country. According to reports, in the year 2017, he joined the official Barcelona Youth Team in Lagos after he was chosen by the Leaders to be a member of the Team.


2. Nduka Ozokwor

Nduka is the son of a Nigerian Actress named Patience Ozokwor, he is also a Footballer who is doing great in the Country. According to Naijagist, he started his Football Career after he joined Enugu Rangers and since then he has excelled in his Football Career. Nduka has worked with several Local and International Clubs and he has gained Fame in the Football Industry.

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