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“She Wanted Something Unique and Classy”: Designer Behind Bride’s Crochet Dress Opens Up



“She Wanted Something Unique and Classy”: Designer Behind Bride’s Crochet Dress Opens Up

This is the era of daring fashion choices and brides are not left out in this trend!

A beautiful bride recently left internet users impressed over her fashion choice for her special day.

In a video posted on Twitter by the designer, @crochetbystacia, the bride is seen in a gorgeous knee-length dress with a detachable bolero.

Also interesting was the fact that her bouquet was crocheted.

Check out the video below:

Designer behind bride’s crochet dress speaks about creative process

In a recent chat with’s Kumashe Yaakugh, Stacia revealed that she was ‘nervous’ when the bride contacted her to make the dress, especially due to the time frame which gave no room for mistakes.

Despite the series of challenges faced, Stacia – who has been in the business for seven years – said the dress came out perfectly after ‘180 hours plus 5 days of 1-hour sleep at night’.

“Like it was perfect, no adjustment was made,” she said, revealing this was her first wedding client.

She wanted something unique and classy – Crochet designer says about bride

On meeting her client’s expectations, Stacia recounted:

“She said she wanted something unique, simple but classy that she could also wear to her reception and still rock to any occasion even after her wedding. And she wanted to stand out and be admired by everyone present at her wedding.

“Immediately her package was delivered to her, I got a candid video of her very excited when she got the package. Plus, her husband reached out to me to specially to thank me so knew I had met her expectations.”

Stacia revealed that even though she charged the bride N85,000 for the dress and bouquet, she got an extra N30,000 from the bride’s husband after the couple saw the dress.

Wedding fashion: Bride dazzles in beautiful gown, internet users wowed

Women who are big on fashion trends always understand the assignment when it comes to their special day.

This bride had fashion lovers gushing over with love after a video of her wedding look went viral on social media.


In the viral clip, the bride is seen dressed in a stunning design by PISTIS, a Ghanaian-based fashion house, featuring a floor-length overskirt, a bedazzled bodice and an illusion neckline.

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