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See List Of Luxurious Cars Owned by Nollywood Actress, Destiny Etiko (Photos)



See List Of Luxurious Cars Owned by Nollywood Actress, Destiny Etiko (Photos)

Destiny Etiko loves flashy and expensive cars. Packed in her garage are assorted cars worth millions. Check out Destiny Etiko cars.

Celebrity Life is a life that almost every single Nigerian wants to live but the real deal remains that. After becoming a celebrity can such a person do what is require of Nigerian celebrities?

Surely Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko is a celebrity that never cease to entertain her followers. Among all her belongings, she has a soft Spot for good and expensive Cars.

Destiny Etiko doesn’t just buy cars, she buys the best cars. Today we are going to look into the cars owned by Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko. The curvy lady is among the women in Nigeria with the most expensive cars. Destiny etiko cars are always flashy. Check out the cars parked on Destiny etiko garage.

1. Toyota Venza

Destiny Etiko

She owns a beautiful Toyota Venza. Venza which is known as ladies choice is among the cars parked in Destiny Etiko garage. See photos.

2. Mercedes Benz

Destiny Etiko

Nollywood Drama doll Destiny Etiko got a brand new Benz as birthday gift in 2019. Although the buyer is undisclosed. Below are photos of her white Benz.

3. Lexus SUV

Destiny Etiko

Sitting in her car collection is white Lexus SUV. Destiny Etiko owns a brand new white Lexus.

4. Toyota Prado

Destiny Etiko

Another Giant car owned by Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko is Toyota Prado. She acquired this car about a year Ago and it’s packed in her garage. See photos.

Destiny Etiko

5. Land Cruiser

Destiny Etiko

Following her acquisition of Toyota Prado, Mercedes and Venza, Destiny Etiko added to her convoy this year. Another car sitting right in her Garage is a Brand new Toyota Land Cruiser. She shook the internet when age announced the acquisition of these car. Below is a photo of the car.

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