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“Pray For Me, I’m Still Not Ready For Marriage “- Actress Lizzy Gold Says After Two Kids



“Pray For Me, I’m Still Not Ready For Marriage “- Actress Lizzy Gold Says After Two Kids

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold who is in her early thirties, and has two children out of wedlock, has stated that she still isn’t ready for marriage, beckoning on Nigerians to pray for her.

"Please Pray For Me, I'm Still Psychologically Not Ready For Marriage "- Actress Lizzy Gold Says After Two Kids

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Actress Lizzy Gold Onuwaje popularly called Lizzy Gold, is one of the fast rising actresses Nollywood has produced.


Lizzy Gold


Lizzy hails from Warri, Delta State where she did her basic education before moving over to Delta State University, Abraka to study Information science. Upon the discovery of her acting talent, she proceeded to the Emem Isong’s acting school in Lagos where she acquired a diploma in performance act.


Actress Lizzy Gold was born on October 16th, 1990 and joined the Nollywood industry in 2012 where she displayed her skills and finally came into the limelight after acting “Bubemi the Warri Girl”, and a movie she produced titled “Just a night”.


In 2006, she emerged as the winner of the Delta State beauty pageant and was a runner up in the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria award.




Lizzy Gold

Marital Life:

The actress though is not yet married but is a mother of two. She welcomed her first son in the year 2015, and welcomed another child in 2020 before the pandemic broke out.



In various interviews where she talked about her love life, she revealed she is not yet ready for marriage.

In one of her interview, she said she’s not ready to get married not even to her kids daddy who wants her back. According to her, her two children (a girl and a boy) are from one man.


Lizzy Gold

She revealed that she isn’t mentally ready for marriage and so, might get married in her late 30s or early 40s.


She further revealed that her ex boyfriend didn’t support her acting career but later consented to it because he saw she was determined.




To Lizzy Gold, a man who isn’t wealthy cannot be her husband, she said the reason she dumped her ex was because he was broke and was not supporting her career, she revealed,


“The affair didn’t crash because I went into acting;. The basic truth is he doesn’t have money; so I decided to end the relationship. I dumped him in 2013 because he didn’t have much in terms of money and he didn’t have any push for my kind of man”



In one of her interviews, actress Lizzy  was asked of her marital status and her response was that she’s not yet married because she loves her space.


Lizzy Gold



I am not married. It’s not because I don’t want to get married or that I don’t like marriage, but for now, I don’t feel like getting married. I feel that I am not mentally ready for it. A lot of people rush into marriage and rush out. I want to go into marriage and be able to stay, but right now I don’t think I am mentally ready for that”.



Secondly, I love my space a lot. I still want to enjoy my space alone. Maybe when I’m in my late 30s or early 40s, I can think of getting married. For now, marriage is not on my mind. Thirdly, my two kids are for one man, and we are co-parenting. He is taking care of his lovely kids very well. He really wants to get married to me but I am the one delaying, because like I said, I am not mentally ready. He is the best man that can happen to any woman; trust me.”



When asked about her kind of man, she said she would want a man who isn’t a woman beater, a man that is hardworking and has a fresh breath and also, a man who is clean and wealthy.
She added that she would love her husband to be older than her with 5years, here’s what she said,



You must be older than me with about 5 years, I want to always look young before my man. You must never use pink lips balm on your lips. You must keep clean low hair cut, no weaving of hair, no afro and no plenty beard. You must never sag down your trousers, I love a complete well dressed gentleman.


You must have a fresh breath because I love kissing. You must smell nice always and you must never pierce your ear, nose or any part of your body…no tattoos too. You must talk less ..don’t like men who talk too much and you must be good in bed…very important. You must be God-fearing and you must be romantic, I love gifts and surprises,” she added to her list of expectations “


Lizzy Gold


Along the line, actress Lizzy had revealed she might not get married due to the harsh treatment melted at African women by their husbands even when they are pregnant.

She said,

I’ve realised 80 percent of marriages in Africa women are meant to do the house chores. Please is this what marriage is about? Married couples I need your attention here..maybe if someone explains better to me I might change my mind about marriage,”


Lizzy Gold




In an interview, when asked for the motivation she got that pushed her into acting she responded,


I found out that I am a very good actress. As a young girl I always made people laugh. Even in the church, I was in the drama group and people liked me a lot. I attended Delta State University, Abraka; from there I moved to Lagos where I was introduced to the Royal Arts Academy, owned by Emem Isong. I enrolled and learnt a lot about acting. Today, I am not just an actress but a producer. I give God the glory.”



The 30-year old mother of two is not just a model and an actress, she is also a movie producer. One of the movies she has produced is ‘Princess Olivia’ which will be released on March 12th. It was directed by Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie.


Another movie this beautiful actress has produced is “Just a night”, the movie portrayed domestic violence women face everyday, it was produced in 2017.

According to her, her motive of producing such a movie was to enlighten women and prepare them for marriage so when they get into marriage and encounter such a thing, they will know how to address it.


In an interview with Lucy Ezeliora, she said,

It is because that is what is going on in most marriages. A lot of people think domestic violence is only when a man hits a woman. It’s more than that. It also includes verbally abusing one’s partner; threatening, and making their lives unbearable. ‘Just a Night’ is a family movie that everybody should see; single ladies should also watch it so that when they get married they will know how to address the issue. The movie addresses the issue of domestic violence, and helps couples to avoid it in every way.”


When asked if she has ever been abused by her man she gave a negative answer.



She has not revealed much things about her siblings but she has four brothers.


Lizzy Gold siblings family



Movies she acted in:

Dangerous Women(2018)
Magic Pant (2018)
Agaracha the Lioness
My Celebrity Wife (2019)
My Last Wish (2019)
Repeat pain of a good woman (2019)
Royal Scam (2020)
Taste of Pain
The King’s Seer
Sisters in love
My Career
The Engagement (coming out soon)
Princess Olivia (to be released 12th of March)
Bullion Van


She is currently endorsing Kglow Nigeria, a beauty company for smooth skin.

One time winner of Delta State beauty pageant.

One time runner up of Most beautiful girl in Nigeria.

She is also endorsing a body are product called Omamag body care, a flat tommy tea and slim tea.



Lizzy Gold runs a charity, Gbubemi Care Foundation, where she aids the development of young people in her home community, Iteskiri, Delta State.


The young actress is a blessing to humanity as she adopts children and take good care of them, her recent child is a 13-year old girl she adopted. Bringing the number of her adopted children to two.




“I can never stand an abusive man. I produced the movie because domestic violence has become rampant over years. Today, it is receiving serious attention from human rights activists, the government and international bodies. Many have gone through the traumatising situation in silence due to the African stereotype that men are the head of the home and women are meant to be submissive. Through campaigns and agitations, Nigerian woman have begun to voice out their plights and have received attention”


One good turn deserves another so be good”


If you don’t receive money and gifts from people, the reason is because you are stingy…you don’t give to people …only free hands attracts gifts from people….
Some people can’t even buy food for their friends ..
If you are opportuned please help people who are in need
Listen ..if your hand is tight your life will be very tight”


Nothing can stop a pure heart from soaring”

Lizzy Gold



Actress Lizzy currently has over six hundred and ninety nine thousand instagram followers, in 2020, She got herself a brand new Venza car to add her Lexus SUV which she said was given to her by her boyfriend.

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