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Patience Ozokwor Net Worth 2023, Age, Biography, Family And Lifestyle

Patience Ozokwor Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography, Family And Lifestyle

Patience Ozokwor remains one of the richest and most influential actresses in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Most of her wealth was earned through her acting career, and only a small percentage comes from her fashion design and music careers. She has also received several endorsements that contribute to her net worth. These include being the brand ambassador of Gracia Planta Plantain Flour, Globacom, Iroko TV, and Glo in 2015 among others. Considering how influential she is, most of her movies generate big sales over time.


Patience Ozokwor Net Worth, Biography, Family:

Patience Ozokwor Net Worth

Patience Ozokwor has estimated net worth of up to$1Million.


Net Worth: $1Million
Date of Birth: 14 September 1958
Age: 62 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Actress, fashion designer, musician
Nationality: Nigerian
Country  Nigeria
Ethnicity  Nigerian
Residence  Nigeria
Complexion Fair


Patience Ozokwo was nominated as the Best Supporting Actress at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards, which she won. In 2014, she was among the 100 Nigerians honored by the government while celebrating the northern and southern protectorates of the year in 2012 and 2013.


Patience Ozokwor Biography

Patience Ozokwo was born in the village of Amaobo, Ngwo in present-day Enugu State, Nigeria were she attended Abimbola Gibson Memorial School in Lagos. Patience Ozokwor had a passion for acting ever since she was at primary school, where she would act in different stage plays. She later attended Institute of management and technology Enugu, where Patience obtained a degree in fine and applied arts. Before starting as an actress, she was already a star before acting and first made it into radio drama. She took part in a soap opera by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) titled Someone Cares. She was married at age 19 and has three biological children and five adopted ones who all bear her name. She lost her husband in the year 2000. She expressed her life’s biggest regret as not being able to marry the man of her choice, and also her children preventing her from remarrying after she lost her husband.


She got married at 19 years of age and currently has three biological children and five adopted ones who all bear her name. Unfortunately, she lost her husband in year 2000. She expressed greatly her life’s biggest regret as not having the ability to marry the person of her choice, and also her children preventing her from remarrying after she lost her husband.


The veteran actress produced a short documentary titled Evangelist Patience Ozokwo Pt 1-4 in 2017.

Patience Ozokwor: House, Children, Age, Biography, Net Worth ([year]) 2

Also, she has featured in over 200 movies, some of them include;

Miracle, 2002, Pretender, 2002, 2 Rats, 2003, Blood Sister, 2003, Last Miracle, 2003, The Storm is Over, 2003, Billionaires Club, 2003, Indulgence, 2004, Police Woman, 2004, Mama G in America, 2004, My Mother, My Marriage, 2004, Royal Palace, 2005, Crying Angel, 2005, You and I Forever, 2005, Behind Closed Doors, 2005, Love is a Game, 2005, Soul on Fire, 2005, Alice my First Lady, 2006, Living in Pain, 2006, The Return of Mama-G, 2006, Aguba Igogoro, 2006, Sweet Mama, 2006, Lion’s Den, 2007, Silent Rage, 2007, Area Mama, 2007, Saved by Sin, 2007, Unfinished Business, 2007, Indian Doctor, 2008, The Evil Queen, 2008, Critical Queen, 2008, Heart of a Slave, 2008, The Plain Truth, 2008, The Wrong Money, 2008, Strength to Strength, 2008, Personal Desire, 2009, Missing Child, 2009, Open & Close, 2011, Deep Water, 2012, Turning Point, 2012, The Enemy I See, 2012, World of the Mind, 2012, Covert Operation, 2013, After the Proposal, 2013, To Rise Again, 2014, The Wedding Party 2, 2017, Chief Daddy, 2018.

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