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Eshokhai Marian Esheza Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography, Cars And Houses



Eshokhai Marian Esheza Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography, Cars And Houses

Few women have been able to combine being a lawyer with building a successful business, and not just any business, but an automobile business! Eshokhai Marian Esheza is one of such women, and today’s article on carmart Nigeria shines brings you everything you need to know about this enterprising woman.


Eshokhai Marian Esheza Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography, Cars And Houses:

Eshokhai Marian Esheza Profile

Eshokhai Marian Esheza
Eshokhai Marian Esheza

Name Eshokhai Marian Esheza
Date of birth 16th July
State of birth Edo state
Occupation Automotive dealer, legal Practitioner
Networth $3,000 – $5, 000


Eshokhai Marian Esheza Biography

Eshokhai Marian Esheza Biography
Eshokhai Marian Esheza Biography

Eshokhai Marian Esheza was born on 16th July to the family of Mr And Mrs Paul Eshokai. Though an indigene of Edo state by birth, Eshokhai Marian Esheza was born in Lagos State where she grew up.

Growing up in Lagos, Eshokhai Marian Esheza had her primary and secondary school where she graduated with outstanding results. Moving forward, Eshokhai gained admission to the prestigious Ambrose Ali University where she studied law.


Eshokai Marian Esheza Career

The astounding Eshokai Marian Esheza is a legal practitioner in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. She got called to the bar in 2012 with brief stints first as a practising lawyer with the renowned  Richard Akinjide (SAN), and later with Ocean Glory Limited Company. Through her various roles in diverse legal practiçes, she is skilled in communications, strategy creation and project development.

Growing up, Eshokai Marian Esheza has always had a love for cars. Not willing to sacrifice her interest in cars, Eshokai decided to make a business out of it. She is not only a thriving legal Practitioner, Eshokai is also an automobile sales dealer. She began her foray into the automobile business in 2019 and has since built her brand to an enviable status with over one hundred thousand followers —and counting— on Instagram @mz_esheza @eshezaautos.

The smart legal Practitioner, Eshoka has found a creative way to merge her love for automobiles and law. She does this by incorporating her knowledge of the law into her automobile sales business. Eshoka has big dreams for her business and career. She plans to become a global force by introducing the Metaverse system in the automobile industry.

More About Esheza Autos


Esheza Autos is a budding automobile brand, founded by Eshokai Marian Esheza in 2020. Esheza Autos seeks to redefine the way automobile services are rendered in Nigeria and Africa. They offer various services including car dealerships, car rental, sales of car accessories, and restyling of car interiors.

In addition, Esheza Autos offers car inspections to users who want to sell their cars and would love to have them inspected. Automobile experts at Esheza Autos inspect vehicles in over 200 checkpoints including Transmission,  Steering, Engine, Tires, Lighting,  Interior,  Suspension,  Exterior, Brakes, Air Conditioning, Engine Diagnostics, Wheel Alignment etc.

A variety of cars of different brands and models are available at Esheza Autos at affordable prices. Some of the vehicles available include Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Mercedes Benz E-class, Lexus RX350, BMW 535i, KIA etc.

If you want to give your car that stylish, premium look and upgrade on the inside, Esheza Autos is the place to go. They have a team of qualified experts to perform interior styling in your car. Services offered include WiFI Connection, Reverse Camera installation, Touchpad installation on seats and dashboard, GPS installation etc.

To contact Esheza Autos:

  • Address: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Tell: +2348180108784
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Instagram:

Eshokai Marian Esheza: Net Worth

Eshokai Marian Esheza has an estimated net worth of $30,000 – $50, 000

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