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Bnaira Net Worth 2023, Age, Biography, Cars & House – Source of income

Bnaira Net Worth 2022, Age, Biography, Cars & House – Source of income

Quite popular for flaunting his wealth on social media pages, and rarely known for singing is BNaira. His real names are Adewale Olalekan Adebayo, a native of Ekiti State, Nigeria. He was born on October 20th, 1988 to Azeez Adewale and Victoria Adewale, who could afford a comfortable lifestyle for their four children. BNaira who is the only son of his parents was a timid and fragile boy while growing up.

BNaira had his Primary School Education in St. Nicolas Primary School, Lagos. After his primary school education, he proceeded to Citizens Comprehensive College, Lagos, for his Secondary school education. After his secondary school education, he attended the University of Lagos for his tertiary education in 2010. He obtained a first degree in Geography and graduated in 2014. After his tertiary education, he enlisted to serve Nigeria for the compulsory NYSC scheme and he served in Oyo State, Nigeria.

In May 2019, he released a single titled ‘Fall on me’, but he had released some singles like ‘Jasi’ produced by Kiddominant and ‘spray the money’ featuring Phenom, and he has some other singles that have rocked the Nigerian airwaves locally.

Bnaira Biography

Real name Adewale Olalekan Adebayo
Date of birth October 20th, 1988
Country of Origin Federal Republic of Nigeria
Occupation Music, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency
Net worth $1 million
Business Sellfastpayfast Ltd,


Before graduating from UNILAG, BNaira had already towed the entrepreneurial path in Nigeria by establishing some businesses of his own. He created his own record label called BNS records in 2012, he also owned a fashion store, and he worked as a real estate marketer, all which he did while he was a student at UNILAG.  He is also the founder of Sell fast Pay fast LLC, a bitcoin trading platform, and also the owner of a Real Estate Company in Nigeria and Modern Day Furniture. At his record label, BNS records he doubles as the CEO and a recording artist.

BNaira has a son whom he welcomed into the world with his baby mama, Tshego Manche and the two co-parent the child but they are not in a relationship. BNaira likes to keep his family life off social media, but he is notorious for posting images of an exaggerated lifestyle on social media. He credits his affluence to his occupation as a Musician, the owner of a Bit coin company, and his real estate business, but many believe that he dabbles into some other types of shady deals, though nothing has been confirmed.

From his social media pictures, it is evident that his best colour is red, and he has a penchant for the fine things of life.

BNaira Net worth

Although his main source of income is unknown, many believe he deals in shady businesses. But according to popular rumours, BNaira has a rumoured net worth of $1, 000, 000 (N385, 000, 000).

BNaira Cars

BNaira Got His Mother A 2016 Prado
BNaira Got His Mother A 2016 Prado

BNaira reportedly bought his mom a White Toyota Land cruiser Prado for Valentine’s Day and it cost a whopping N18 million.

BNaira Cars
BNaira Cars
BNaira Cars g wagon
BNaira Cars g wagon

He has to himself some other luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Range Rovers, Prado’s. On his social media pages, his cars are mostly coloured in red.

BNaira Cars1
BNaira Car

BNaira House

BNaira House
BNaira House

The number of houses BNaira owns is unknown but it is rumoured that he has many houses littered all over the country and abroad. He also travels a lot, so no one knows the exact location of his house.

BNaira Wife

BNaira welcomed a bouncing baby boy with his baby mama in August and she is a South African Socialite, known as Tshego Manche (@msmanche on Instagram).

BNaira Wife
BNaira Wife

Tshego Manche was Born in Klerksdorp, a small town in the North West Province of South Africa, Tshego Manche was raised in a business-oriented family. Her parents owned a salon and cosmetic store in the township for over 20 years before venturing into other businesses – forbesafrica

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