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8 Nollywood’s Former ‘Fine Boys’ And How They Appear Now (See Photos)

8 Nollywood’s Former ‘Fine Boys’ And How They Appear Now (See Photos)

The ‘fine boys no pimples’ of yesterday are now aging.

Call them what you want: handsome, Nollywood ‘fine boys’, ‘charming boys’, ‘Lover the 90s and early 2000s, these men dominated the Nollywood scene.

These actors had millions of women crushing on them in Nigeria and beyond. But sadly we no longer see them on our screen again. Some of you may think they are dead, but they are very much alive and doing something else to put food on their table.

Yesterday, I compiled a list of 8 Nollywood former fine girls and how they look now and you seemed to really enjoy that list. So today, for your sake, I’m extending this list now to the former fine men of Nollywood. You’re welcome.

Are you ready to see how your crush that year looks like now ? Then let’s jump right in.

1. Chidi Mokeme

2. Emeka Ike


3. Pat Attah

5. Emeka Enyiocha


6. Saint Obi

7. Tony Umez

8.Ernest Obi

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