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20 Real Facts about Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) You probably don’t know yet



20 Real Facts about Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) You probably don’t know yet

Chinedu Ikedieze is a rare gift to humanity as he has shown how prolific and talented he is over the years, let’s see facts about chinedu Ikedieze . Aki as he is popularly called is a child actor who has played children roles since the late 90s. Ever since he debuted in Nollywood, chinedu ikedieze has been known as one of the most famous actors in history of Nollywood.

20 Real Facts about Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) You probably don’t know yet20 Real Facts about Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) You probably don’t know yet

He has achieved alot since he featured in the famous movie Aki na Ukwa alongside his childhood friend Osita Iheme, who is also an established actor in Nollywood

Today we are Going to be taking a look at the various achievements he has gannered to his name alongside the best movies and achievements to his name. Let’s look at the 15 real facts about Him.

Nollywood Actor Chinedu Ikedieze is a native of Bende, His wife Nneoma is from Imo state. The 20 facts about chinedu Ikedieze gives detailed info about him

1. Career – Chinedu Ikedieze started of as a child actor in the famous Nigerian Movie in 2000 as a Child actor acting with famous Nollywood Actors like Mr Ibu (John Okafor), Osuofia, Sam Loco Efe, Hanks Anuku, Patience Ozokwor and his friend Osita Iheme.

2. Nickname – Chinedu ikedieze has two popular nicknames. The actor who interprets roles perfectly is known for his choice of words in movies and comic way of acting. This inspired people to start calling him Aki which means ( Palm kernel). The name was extracted from the movie Aki na Ukwa which he played with Osita Iheme. He is also known as Efe. Osita Iheme got this nickname through the popular African magic series called “THE JOHNSONS”. A series he is currently acting n alongside Ada Ameh and Charles.

3.Home Town – Chinedu ikedieze is a native of Bende, a small town located in Abia state, in the heart of Southern eastern Nigeria. This is where his Dad hails from. Bende has produced Celebrities in music industry and Top Nigeria politicians. The small town is filled with Cultural heritages and sweet and entertaining festivals like the Yam festival, Ekpe festival etc.

4. Secondary and University life – Chinedu ikedieze started his infant education in Aba in Abia state Nigeria. He completed his primary school and secondary school in Aba. The busy and business filled town groomed him into a comedian and street hustler.

After his graduation from secondary school, he proceeded to Institute of management and technology in Enugu state. He graduated from diploma and proceeded for Higher national diploma where he came out with high grades in Theathre Art. Aki acquired his HND which launched him fully into the industry as a certified practitioner.

Aki and paw paw

5. Best Roles – Efe as he is called most times is a super talented actor who fits into any role given to him. He has acted in Ritual movies, Comic roles, Child roles, Epic Movies, Love roles, Mafia roles and other Amazing roles. But there are specific roles which he prefers to act. Despite being almost fit for every role. There are certain roles that complements him very well. These roles are Comic and child roles, he also loves to act as the intelligent big in movies. This is because of his height and comic nature.

6.Other Careers of chinedu Ikedieze – Apart from acting, Chinedu ikedieze has other source of wealth. Chinedu Ikedieze Bio is IA an inspiring one. Aki is successful a entrepreneur who has many business spread accross Nigeria and abroad. He is also into real estate business where he makes a fortune from. He takes financial risks to make money and it boosts his income alot.

7.Awards – ndeed hardwork begets elevation and celebration, following his heroics in movies. He has received many awards for his roles in Various movies he has acted. Chinedu Ikedieze received his first award in 2007 following his role in Aki na Ukwa. The African Movie Academy Awards gave him a prestigious award know as “Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Accomplished Actor in Nigeria”. After this award the door opened for more award and recognition in his subsequent movies that followed.

In 2011, Aki was honored by the Federal government of Nigeria as a distinguished celebrity who has contributed immensely in building the economy of the country Nigeria. Chinedu ikedieze was inducted into the Order of Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is the Apex award given to Celebrities for their immense contribution in growth of economy of the country. He also won other award like Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards,Best Actor at the Best of Nollywood Awards and Best Actor at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Chinedu Ikedieze son
Chinedu Ikedieze and his Son

8. Marital life – Aki found love in a beautiful Damsel called Nneoma Nwaijah who is from Isala Mbano, Imo State. The talented and professional fashion designer fell in love with him in Lagos. According to aki, they met on a location in Lagos while he playing a role in a movie while Nneoma Nwaija was the makeup artist on site.

Feeling sparkled between them which led to marriage as they walked down the altar. After Courting each other for many months, they Got married in November 26, 2011 which pulled almost every Nigerian Celebrity to their wedding alongside his childhood friend Osita Iheme (Paw-Paw) . Another distinguished guest was the then Governor of Abia state. Their love blossomed and produced a baby .

Chinedu Ikedieze Marital life

9. Chinedu Ikedieze Best movies – We are blessed to have Chinedu Ikedieze on screen, he knows how to put smiles on our faces each time he is called upon to play a role in any movie. He has featured in over 180 movies since he started acting but these are probably the favorite movies he has acted.

Aki na Ukwa

Nothing Spoil

Tom and Jerry

Kito and Sandals

Billionaires Club

Lagos dropouts

2 rats


The johnson’s

Back from America

The Return of Aki na Ukwa (loading)

These remains his best movies although many prefers other movies he has acted but the above movies has been rated the best movies by him so far.

10. Chinedu Ikedieze Charity OrganizationAn attribute that makes him stand out from his peers is his kind gesture toward the less privileged. Aki has been taking care of the physically challenged in Nigeria through his personal Charity foundation which assist the physically challenged persons. He also accommodates the Internally displaced people in his organization. He provides them food, drinks, clothing, finance and other accessories they need to survive.

11.Net Worth – Fame is accompanied with wealth. When it comes to the richest actors in Nigeria, Aki ranks among the Richest. He has accumulated enough wealth to his name. He is currently worth the sum $3.6 million. According to report’s he might actually have more than that amount because he doesn’t live a social media life which makes it difficult to correctly evaluate his net worth. His Real estate business brings him steady turn over which might catapult his worth soon. As a Mather of fact, he fed from hand to mouth before he joined the movie industry. He was not from a rich and wealthy family. He struggled before God blessed him.

Chinedu Ikedieze and his wife Nneoma

12.Chinedu age Age – Another Real fact about chinedu Ikedieze is his real age. As we earlier stated, he is dwarf actor. Chinedu Ikedieze was born on 12 December 1977 in his home town bende in Abia. He is currently 44 years old. Although he still acts Child roles in movies but his a mature adult.

13. Chinedu Ikedieze Parents – He is born to the family of Ogbonna. The name of chinedu ikedieze parents is Mr. And Mrs Ikedieze Ogbonna. He was born in the south eastern part of Nigeria. Bende in Abia state. Before they moved to Aba city.

14 – Sadest Day in his life The facts about chinedu Ikedieze can not be complete without this section. In an interview with Saturday beat, chinedu Ikedieze revealed that the saddest day in his life was the day he lost his younger brother. He narrated that his brother was a sickle cell Anaemia patient. Aki revealed that his younger brother was his friend and brother when he was alive. He described him as lively and funny brother who made him happy anytime he was moody or sad. I felt very bad when he died he said.

15. Divorce – Following his marriage to Miss Nneoma Nwaijah without an offspring, rumors had it that his wife has divorced him following unfruitfulness / lack of offspring. The media reported a lot of things about their marriage but Chinedu Ikedieze came out to counter the rumors. He addressed that he was in good terms with his wife and advised his followers to ignore the rumors flying around.

Chinedu Ikedieze Awards

16. Chinedu Ikedieze Height – His height is 1.29meters ( 4 feet 3 inches). Aki is not average in height, he is Less than average but he never allowed his height to distract him from reaching his goal in life. He has practically done what others couldn’t do and still stands out from the tall ones in the industry.

17 Friends – Chinedu Ikedieze is a friendly and wise friend everyone dreams of having. He has a lot of friends that most people don’t know. His best friend is his childhood Buddy Osita Iheme(paw-paw) who he enjoys acting with. Growing up so many people thought they were twin brothers. They did practically everything together. Acting, traveling, leisure, Hangout, Sports, name it !!. They Acted Aki na Ukwa, 2 rats, the Billionaires, Tom and Jerry together. They have remained inseparable friends ever since.

18. Social media Handle –  Other Facts about Chinedu Ikedieze is an actor who posts on social media Installmentally. He is very present on instagram, to follow him his username is @ChineduIkedieze. You can also search this accros other social media platforms.

Chinedu Ikedieze and his Son

19. Chinedu Ikedieze Son – Chinedu Ikedieze has a bouncing baby boy who looks exactly like him. Nneoma and Aki has kept their baby out of social media although chinedu posts him periodically.

20. Chinedu Ikedieze religion – Efe is a typical Christian who was raised by his  Christian parents in Bende, Abia state. He has remained a Christian with no sign of changing religion.

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