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10 Interesting Facts About Veteran Nollywood Actor, Nkem Owoh ‘Osuofia’

10 Interesting Facts About Veteran Nollywood Actor, Nkem Owoh ‘Osuofia’

Nollywood Veteran, Nkem Owoh, popularly known as Usofia is a Nigerian actor and comedian who has been gracing the screens of Nigerians for many years. Today being his birthday, here are 10 interesting facts you should know about the comic actor.

1. Nkem Owoh was born February 7, 1958. He is currently 64 years old.

2. Owoh began his acting career right from his university days in various television and film productions.

3. The actor got his nickname, Osuofia due to the character he played in the blockbuster comedy movie Osuofia in London in 2003. The movie, though not his first appearance, is considered as one of the most prominent in his career, which earned him Best actor in a lead role award from the African movie academy awards (AMAA). In 2008, he clinched the same AMAA award , in the same category, for his role in the Nigerian movie Stronger than Pain.

4. In 1987, Owoh featured in the screen version of Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart, a classic TV drama but his first role in a movie was in Circle of Doom where he played the role of a customs officer.

Nkem Owoh

5. Owoh has been married to his sweetheart, Ngozi Nkem Owoh since 1998 and they are blessed with two daughters.

6. The father-of-two is an engineering degree graduate from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

7. Owoh is also a musician, known for performing the song I Go Chop Your Dollar which is about advance fee fraud. The song was featured in the film The Master in which Owoh played the role of a scammer. The song was later banned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Nkem Owoh

8. In November 2009, Osuofia was kidnapped in eastern Nigeria and his kidnappers demanded a 15 million naira ransom. The actor was later released after his family members allegedly paid a ransom fee of 1.4 million naira.

9. Owoh’s latest movie is Chief Daddy: Going for Broke which was officially released January 1, 2022. He played the character, Shoffa Donatus.

10. More importantly, Nkem Owoh ‘Osuofia’ is a genius at interpreting his roles. He manages to effortlessly tickle the audience with his witty utterances and reactions which leaves movie lovers in stitches. He has been doing that successfully for many years as he ‘made’ the childhood of many Nigerian youths a delight.

Nkem Owoh
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